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The  gantry  x-ray  container  screeninc  system

The  gantry  x-ray  container  screeninc  system

The  gantry  x-ray  container  screeninc  system is designed to optimize securitychecks at ports, airports and boarder crossings. This system are used to inspect whole trucks for threats such asweapons, of mass destruction contraband, as well as manifest verification, reducing the need of manual inspection.

The system’s high performance imaging capability provides the operator with detailed radioscopic images ofcontainer or vehicle and its contents, allowing for rapid and reliable results.

The modular design of the system provides the ability to be relocated, adapting to the customer’s specific needs.

The system is a standalone unit which requires limited external infrastructure. The system is designed for ease ofoperation with a minimal footprint, while still integrating the most demanding international security screeningrequirements.

The systems have been proven to be an indispensable tool for Customs agencies and low enforcement authoritiesworldwide.

◆ Feature highlights :

Ø Inspect loaded trucks, containers and vehicles at ports, airports and boarder crossings.

Ø Small footprint---Requires a relatively small ground surface without special requirements for additional

Ø infrastructure. The controlled area does not exceed 40m x 30m.

Ø Moveable----A compact system, which can be easily relocated by a standard container truck, installed and befully functional within 2-3 days by two or three operators.

Ø High penetration--- It is possible to obtain high-quality X-ray images of inspected objects through 250-300mm of steel at truck speed of 5-10 km/h.

Ø High quality X-ray images--- Provides the best spatial resolution

Ø SECUSCAN scanning way fully respect and protect human right, put people’s life safety and health in thefirst place, and prevent any radiation damage to driver:

Standard scanning way, system move to scan the truck, driver no need to be present.

In this way, we can scan 20-25pieces 40´ containers or 50 pcs 20´ containers per hour. Its suitable for lowthroughput port, harbor, border, customs)

Effective driving through scanning way, system automatically ignore the cab of truck. Driver suffers theminimum radiation during scanning.

In this way, we can scan 100pieces 40´ containers or 200pcs 20´ containers per hour. Its suitable for highthroughput port, harbor, border, customs.

Ø Absolute radiation safety for drivers, operators and bystanders

◆ System Specification:

Ø Nominal energy (MeV) Levels available to max 7.5MeV(4-7.5Mev adjustable)

Ø Motorization: Electric motor piloted by frequency controller Weight: 27 tons

Ø Foot print [W*L*H]: 12m*29m*6.5m

Ø Scanning height: From 0.48m to 4.7m(1.6’ to 15.4’)- no corner cut-off for 2.5m(8.2’) width Maximum heightbelow gantry: 4.8m(15.7’)

Ø Minimum crew requirement: 1 image operator, 1 traffic

Ø Controller Operating temperature: 0℃ to +40℃

Ø Storage temperature: -20℃ to +60℃ Relative humidity: 10% to 90%

Ø Electrical consumption: Average consumption 20kVA

Ø Max. dimensions [H*W*L]: 4.7m*2.8m*19m(15.4’*11.5’*62.3’) standard/up to 45m(148’) long optional

◆ Computer Character:

Ø Image workstation (RIW): Two 22’’ flat LCD screen workstations

Ø Image analysis tools: Contrast and edge enhancement, Linear transformation , logarithmic transformation,marks histogram equalization, zoom, image conversion to standard formats,

Ø Review of stored images and manifest data for comparison Database workstation (DBW) SQL database

Ø Data storage: 20‚000 images as standard (RAID disk) Data archiving: DVD burner

Ø Supervision station (CMW) One 22’’ flat LCD screen Printer: Color laser printer

Ø Network: DMS ready (Data Management System

◆ Radiation Protection Safety:

Ø Surveillance: Access controlled by infrared barriers

Ø Markings: Three-color indicator lamps, sirens & regulatory displays

◆ Health&Security:

Ø Dose in the environment: Less than 2 μSv/hour (average outside safety area) and less that 4mSv/year

Ø Dose rate in operator room: Less than 0.5 μSv/hour (average) and less than 1mSv/year