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ADMT-1S  underground water detector

ADMT-1S underground water detector

ADMT-1S underground water detector Products:

ADMT-1S underground water detector is my company in reference to the advanced electrical equipment at home and abroad on the basis of a well-designed for a 100 meters or so looking for water meter, which by measuring the strength of the natural electric field to reflect the underground Resistivity changes, and thus to determine the location of the groundwater, depth and other related information, drilling wells have a huge help, the instrument to solve the complex natural electric field shielding and frequency signal processing to enlarge the major issues, Anti-jamming design; made a number of invention patents (patent number: 201310205318.9,201110454869.X, 201320054153.5,201120214308.8,201120567915.2,201320303919.9) with a lightweight, efficient, simple operation, accurate analysis and other advantages of the speed of traditional DC water meter 8 times , The weight is about 1/8 of the DC water meter, in nearly 20 years of practice, we have made remarkable achievements, the majority of customers generally recognized.

Main Function and Application of ADMT-1S underground water detector:

It measures the position, depth and direction of groundwater by measuring the change of the underground resistivity by measuring the strength of the natural electric field. It can solve the drinking water, industrial water and agricultural irrigation through detailed investigation and census of groundwater Of the demand for the success of drilling wells play a huge role, by the majority of customers praise!

Main Technical Parameters of ADMT-1Sunderground water detector

Measuring range: 0-255mv

Detection depth: <150m

Measurement mode: 6 frequencies

Measurement frequency: 4900,3300,2000,600,300,170HZ

Frequency error: 2%

Resolution: 0.001mV

Repeat error: ± 5% ± 3 words

A / D conversion: 12 bit 1Msps

Input impedance: ≥10MΩ

Power frequency suppression:> 60dB

Data storage: 48W

Display: 128 * 64 LCD display

Connection: USB2.0

Power: DC7.4V 5200mAh lithium battery

Power consumption: 200mA

Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃

Humidity: 60%

Volume: 28 × 23 × 12CM

Weight: 2.6KG