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ADMT-2S type electric water detector

ADMT-2S type electric water detector

ADMT-2S type electric water detector Introduction:

ADMT-2S multi-function electric water meter is my company in reference to domestic and foreign advanced electrical water meter on the basis of a well-designed for a 200-300 meters or so looking for water meter, which by measuring the natural electric field Strength to reflect the changes in the underground resistivity, so as to analyze the location of the groundwater, depth and other related information, the drilling of water has a huge help, the instrument to solve the complex natural electric field shielding and frequency signal processing to enlarge (Patent number: 201310205318.9,201110454869.X, 201320054153.5,201120214308.8,201120567915.2,201320303919.9), a large number of major anti-interference design and the use of 5-inch large-screen touch screen; accurate and durable.

ADMT-2S multi-function electric water detector with a light, efficient, simple operation, accurate analysis, etc., automatic measurement, clear and simple display of measurement data and curves; measurement speed is the traditional DC water meter 8 times, About the DC method to find the water meter 1/8, in nearly 20 years of practice, we achieved remarkable results, the majority of customers generally recognized.

ADMT-2S-type electric water detector principle Introduction:

ADMT-2S electric water meter using natural electric field and different geological structure (groundwater is a benign conductor) generated by the change in resistivity and other related parameters to determine the analysis we are looking for groundwater (bedrock fissure water, cave water, Pebble water, etc.). You can understand the location of water, depth, water and other related information. Compared with other water equipment has a very obvious advantage: fast, high precision, to understand the information, the instrument light, easy to use and so on.

ADMT-2S electric method water detector Product Features:

1. Speed and high efficiency (exploration speed and efficiency than artificial DC method exploration are increased more than 10 times) can measure a frequency of seven;

2. Basic for 200-300 meters or so looking for geophysical exploration work;

3. Easy to understand the user interface, a simple analysis method, easy to learn and understand;

4. Automatic measurement, automatic storage of data, automatic drawing curve;

5. Can display curves and data, you can also transfer data through the USB interface, in the computer graphics, printing, etc.;

ADMT-2S type electric filter main features:

1, easy to operate: the use of full touch intelligent operation, menu prompt function 2 minutes to learn instrument operation.

2, fast, high efficiency: multiple frequency simultaneous measurement, single point measurement is completed only about 10 seconds

3, light and flexible: the entire instrument weight of not more than 5 kg, carrying very convenient.

4, high-precision measurement: the use of high-performance amplifiers and imported core components, the use of high-performance AD converter, resolution up to 0.001mV, ± 2% of the high-precision measurement, the instrument can be better applied to high resistance areas, Deeper, better measurement results.

5, anti-interference ability: high-performance limiting circuit, the frequency 50HZ suppression capacity> 100dB, suitable for a variety of geological environment.

6, cloth is very flexible: the instrument uses a variety of cloth pole measurement methods, including the traditional method of electrical prospecting technology and the original cloth pole method, to better solve the groundwater, depth, thickness.

7, automatic storage of data: instrument measurement without the need to record, can automatically store data, data shutdown, power failure will not be lost.

8, easy to transfer data: through the USB interface, with U disk directly export storage data, the use of extremely convenient.

9, the use of membrane switch panel, ABS shell, beautiful, durable.

ADMT-2S type electric filter main purpose:

Widely used to find metal mines, non-metallic mine detailed investigation and census exploration, reduce mine investment risk, improve the success rate and scientific research.

2, widely used to find detailed investigation of groundwater and census exploration, to solve the drinking water, industrial water and agricultural irrigation needs.

3, at the same time for engineering geological exploration, disaster geological exploration, coal mined-out area, archaeological excavation, urban geophysical and non-metallic pipeline survey and other applications.

ADMT-2S-type electric filter main technical parameters:

1, the measurement range: 0-255mv

2, detection depth: <300m

3, the measurement mode: 7 frequency

4, the measurement frequency: 4900,2000,600,170,67,35,25 HZ

5, the frequency error: 2%

6, resolution: 0.001mV

7, repeat the error: ± 2% ± 2 words

8, A / D conversion: 16-bit 1Msps

9, the input impedance: ≥ 10MΩ

10, frequency suppression:> 80dB

11, data storage: 48W

12, display: 5 "touch screen

13, connection: USB2.0

14, power: DC7.4V 5200mAh lithium battery

15, power consumption: 400mA

16, temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

17, humidity: 80%

18, volume: 27 × 22 × 15CM

19, Weight: 2.3KG